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چهارشنبه 2 فروردین 1391 :: 02:07 ::  نویسنده : مانی ا

In special days, you see that some body talk to you that you've never think of because it's been a long time you've not being in contact .

And in special days you are alone , focusing on people who remember you and whom don't.

In these special days , you can find out how much loneliness is on your shoulder!

And if you tell all these to some, you will be answered of how sensitive you've gotten!

In these days you want something different from life, in behaviours, in ... 

in order not to be bored ! but it does not happen ... 

The day passes as the other days and there would be no surprise unless the one you make for yourself!

You will find that was not a special day ! it's been just a day but in your mind .

The first day of new year out of home, no matter how far , is a SPECIAL DAY ! which I cared about and now it's finished .

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